Executive Presence Small Group Training (Quarterly)

Professional Services

Just testing the waters or moving fast? Address your strongest opportunities and challenges moving you to the next level. 

Public Briefings and Workshops

Several public events are offered every month in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley areas. Topics are similar to the private training options but suitable for a general mixed audience. For details please see our Events calendar

Private Training Programs

Executive Presence is always elite leadership. But different aspects arise depending on the situation. Currently 1 to 2 day training are offered with the following distinct focus

  • Executive Presence for Leadership
  • Executive Presence for Sales Presentations
  • angle-right
    Transitions: How to interact, interview, and present during job transition
  • Leadership Presentations with Executive Presence ("Hero Training")

Individual Coaching Programs

All Individual coaching programs include the same essential elements. Timing and emphasis can be customized to address each individual situation. The essential elements include: leadership persona, message platform, presentation and meeting skills, team interactions, dealing with resistance, and collaboration. Please contact to discuss your interests and priorities.

Duration of individual coaching ranges from 3 to 12 months with flexible rates depending on intensity and frequency.