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Are you being left behind professionally because superiors think you can't lead? Leadership requires Executive Presence - the "it" factor equaling 26% of the criteria for promotion among top US companies. Typical exec's also figure you either have it or you don't.  If you don't "have it" you drop off the promotion radar.

You need to change that!

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Most executive training programs are handicapped by vague goals and weak analysis. This is most true when in comes the the "leadership" industry. How can such smart people be so off course? The academic culture and corporate expectations make them that way. Our Scenario / Performance approach vastly accelerates your results. Executive Presence doesn't have to be so hard!

Discover here what concrete, learn-able behaviors create executive presence and move you ahead.

Roy Terry
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Fact: Authority is an ACT.

Authority is an act, a calculated behavior, with an audience, to achieve an objective. Acts can be noble or hollow - that's subjective. What's not debatable is that when you understand the act, you have the power to create presence and authority. When you don't understand, you'll be at the mercy of the best "amateur" actor in the room: the so called natural leader.

What's so sad about this?
The waste of talent and potential among those left behind. Don't be left behind by amateurs who talk marginally better. Honestly, most "experts" and consultants look in the wrong direction and thus can never explain EP. These trainers have gone prospecting across the wasteland of leadership buzzwords and psychobabble. Then they design courses around hollow abstractions & ideals. Enough!

How to Benefit from this insight.

Learn the components of authentic presence and the structure of a leadership message and .... nothing will happen! Yes. The other classic mistake for trainers and clients is to cling on to the information myth - the idea that knowing equates with capabilities. Sadly wrong and we all know it. Instead, once you gain even a modest grasp of the EP phenomenon you will begin practicing in a safe "studio" setting. Studio is where you learn to perform to obtain objectives. It's easy and fun and progress can be amazingly quick.

Here's how it works....

First, we'll get rid of any mystery about how leadership and executive presence works. You'll get a detailed layout that shows all the factors, skills and processes involved. The layout itself is beyond most expensive business seminars. That's because it features all the dimensions from context to topic to attitude. But there's a lot more. We'll learn and practice three essential skills that virtually guarantee you'll be viewed as executive material. More course details below.

Our clients prove you don't need luck. When you understand exactly how EP works, the mystery will be gone and your progress will be swift. With practice, you can reliably demonstrate executive presence in any situation.

How we're utterly confident your training will be a break-through

Leverage: We exploit skills you already have from other contexts.
High satisfaction
among current Silicon Valley clients who make rapid advances and can apply their learning across professional scenarios such as interviewing, team leadership, and innovation proposals.
Depth and breadth: A history of advanced communication training that stretches back to clients like HP and Oracle from the mid 90s. Extensive training in rapport-based change coaching, Extensive training in public speaking and pitch coaching. Incorporating theater techniques such as the second circle and advanced breath and posture work. Hundreds of pitch improvement coaching sessions.
Clear and targeted: Our structured rehearsal studio is created from your situation and live rehearsal means you'll have the words and delivery spot on and ready.

We've done the homework and produce results without jargon or mystification. Contact us to learn how it will work for you.

Specific and Unique Benefits of our
Executive Presence Training

  • Rich, top-down model captures all EP aspects. Understand the game!
  • Navigate with progress and scoring
  • Built-in Team fundamentals training
  • Instant practice every session
  • Micro skills give confidence
  • Re-wire yourself to connect competence to confidence
  • Strategy cheatsheet
  • Optimal Templates & Patterns
  • Learn specific behavior, not Voodoo words like "caring"
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What Clients Have to Say

Shane Melaugh

I thought my team briefings were concise and spot on. But high level feedback said I was dull and too detailed. And, I was failing to delineate priorities and accomplishments. Roy helped me in both these areas learn how to simplify and delivery good and also "bad news" and still go forward. He's a different kind of creative expert. Recommended!

Suvendu Mahpatra - Chief Technology Officer at Bersin by Deloitte

Shane Melaugh

When I promoted innovation, words got in the way. I struggled to make my value proposition compelling and to deliver it with any gravitas. Roy got me immediate improvement and helped elevate my persuasiveness as an expert.

Randy Rowland - International Travel Entreprenuer

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Good intentions are sweet but only action makes change. Take the chance to learn the most effective and most direct path from expertise to authority. Executive Presence is fundamental to your leadership success and advancement. Don't get caught watching other people move up.

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