Hero Training: How to Present with Executive Presence

Hero Training: How to Present with Executive Presence

Yes, Hero Training!

How often do you experience weak, boring, tedious presentations?  AND, when a good one happens, how do you feel about the presenter?  People who delight and inform are unexpected heroes.  That should be you too.

Do you do presentations for executives, clients, or prospects?

Sadly, most corporate presentations are weak (or worse!). This fact is taken for granted at lower levels. But at manager and above levels, it’s a career-limiting problem. Even so, many professionals seem locked into over-loaded slides, machine-gun delivery, and zero engagement. Why? It’s not laziness, it’s because they haven’t been expose to a more effect and approachable technique. This meetup introduces that technique.

The event offers a way out through the practice of executive presence. When you create a more structured message with resonance, it means your delivery will be more powerful and you will generate more influence. In this beginning, it might also mean more prep (knowing your message instead of reading your slides) But that is for the best.

Begin learning to manage the message and your delivery to really please the audience with clarity, relevance and authority.  Bring your war stories, hardest challenges and willingness to learn.

There will be chances to practice and get feedback. Also networking before and after the event.

This event is free in Sunnyvale starting at 6:30

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Roy Terry has been training elite professionals to communicate effectively in Silicon Valley since 1996. He has coached many hundreds of startup founders and now coaches executives and leaders at Apple, Google, eBay, Deloitte, KPMG and more on leadership principles including executive presence.

“Big thanks to InnoWorld for providing this  event  venue”



Nov 22 2017


brief networking before/after
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM


Complementary, no cost

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